A common issue reported by learners is that the acknowledgment screen is frozen and they cannot move forward. This is a misconception due to a failure to notice the text is changing each time the acknowledgment box is checked. Note that there are five (5) acknowledgment screens that must be checked:

  • I understand the structure and time constraints of this exam.
  • I understand that if I use my work computer, I may experience connectivity issues or other unspecified erros.
  • I certify that I am the person registered to take this assessment and that I will not use external resources during the assessment.
  • I understand that I should download and save the PDF certificate upon completion of the assessment.
  • 5. I have read and understand the information and I am ready to begin my assessment.

Last, you are brought to an "Are You Ready?" screen. Click Begin Exam.

If you believe you are stuck on the acknowledgment screens, please note which of the above steps you are on, and then watch for the text to change after you click the acknowledgment box.